Kirsten’s Keys


Missed Lessons: Attendance is extremely important.  Please keep your lesson times free of any appointments or conflicts. Payment of tuition reserves a time slot for your student that remains reserved whether or not the student is at lessons.  There will be no refunds.   

Withdrawal: In consideration of the time that a music teacher spends planning for her students' lessons, please give no less than a month's notice when terminating lessons; or in lieu of a notice, payment of the monthly fee for an additional month.

Parent Responsibilities: Parental support is extremely important whenever a child is developing a new talent. Encourage your children to practice and praise their efforts regularly.  Do not allow giving up or quitting to be an option. Interest, enjoyment, and dedication will naturally go through peaks and valleys when a new skill is being developed.  

Practice and Home Support: Quality practice outside of the lesson is essential to the student’s progress.  Please encourage your child to develop consistent practice habits and provide a practice environment free of distractions.  Encourage your child to practice daily. 

The study of music is rewarding and enjoyable, but it also takes diligence and hard work, on the part of the student as well as the parent!


Piano Lessons are $25 for a half hour lesson and $35 for a 45 minute lesson.

Voice Lessons are $35 for a half hour lessons and $50 for an hour lesson.

All lesson fees for the month are due the first lesson of the month.


Students are required to purchase their own method books and supplementary literature.

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